Type 2 TT Web Lifting Sling, 1 Ply, 3″ Width


Type 2 slings – or Triangle & Triangle (TT) web slings – have a triangle fitting on each end and are normally used in a basket hitch.  3", 1 Ply TT web lifting slings can be used in a vertical hitch as well, but they cannot be used in a choker hitch.  The lightweight material and flexibility allows the sling to be quickly and safely handled. 3" width, 1 Ply slings are made of nylon or polyester.  Custom sizes and applications (including wear pads, coverings, and tags) are made to order.  Please contact our experienced staff to help choose the right sling for your application.

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  • A treated nylon sling stretches approximately 10% at rated capacity
  • A treated polyester sling stretches approximately 7% at rated capacity
  • Nylon’s extra stretch helps avoid shock loading
  • Polyester's lesser stretch makes load control easier by reducing bounce
  • Nylon should not be used around acids or bleaching agents
  • Polyester should not be used near aldehydes or ethers
  • Type 2 slings can be used in a vertical and basket hitch
  • Type 2 slings cannot be used in a choker hitch
  • Adjusts to loads and holds with secure grip
  • Will not damage polished or delicate surfaces
  • Inspections required as a small amount of damage can cause significant loss in strength
  • Inspect before each use
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