Harrington NERM/ERM Electric Chain Hoist with Trolley, 2 Ton


The Harrington MR series of electric trolleys further expand the capabilities of Harrington's NER/ER line of electric hoists.  These trolleys feature an innovative side guide roller system that results in smooth travel along the beam.  A secondary mechanical load brake is an additional feature on ER models only.  2 Ton capacity Harrington single speed chain hoist and Harrington MR single speed trolley.  Options including a chain container, additional load chain, and a push button cord are available on the Harrington 2 Ton NERM and ERM hoist models.  Please contact our experienced staff to help choose the right hoist and options for your application.

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  • Single Speed Hoist with Single Speed Trolley
  • (N)ERM, (N)ERP and (N)ERG capacities 1/8 Ton through 5 Ton
  • (N)ERM, (N)ERP and (N)ERG capacities 8 Ton through 20 Ton – see (N)ER large capacity section for details
  • All trolley wheels fit on tapered (S) or flat flanged (W) beams
  • MR trolleys include drop stops, rubber bumpers, side guide rollers and a completely sealed body suitable for harsh indoor or outdoor environments – IP55 rated
  • Available Models: NERM020C-L-10, NERM020C-L-15, NERM020C-L-20, NERM020C-S-10, NERM020C-S-15, NERM020C-S-20, NERM020L-L-10, NERM020L-L-15, NERM020L-L-20, NERM020L-S-10, NERM020L-S-15, NERM020L-S-20, NERM020S-L-10, NERM020S-L-15, NERM020S-L-20, NERM020S-S-10, NERM020S-S-15, NERM020S-S-20, ERM020C-L-10, ERM020C-L-15, ERM020C-L-20, ERM020C-S-10, ERM020C-S-15, ERM020C-S-20, ERM020L-L-10, ERM020L-L-15, ERM020L-L-20, ERM020L-S-10, ERM020L-S-15, ERM020L-S-20, ERM020S-L-10, ERM020S-L-15, ERM020S-L-20, ERM020S-S-10, ERM020S-S-15, ERM020S-S-20

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